Poster Presentation NZ Association of Plastic Surgeons & NZ Society for Surgery of the Hand

Benign subungual tumours: surgical approach and case series (1497)

Pelicia Lim 1 , Brian Yue 2 , Andrew Cavallo 1
  1. Plastic Surgery, Austin Health, Heidelberg, Victoria, Australia
  2. Monash Health, Caulfield North, VICTORIA, Australia


Proper surgical technique is critical in the excision of benign subungual tumours to ensure complete tumour removal and prevent nail deformities. We present a series of rare benign subungual tumours to highlight different approaches and their outcomes.



Literature review of studies describing surgical approaches of benign subungual tumours was conducted between January 1962 – July 2022. We report a series of six patients with benign subungual tumours in our institute in the past year.



In our review of the literature, 43 studies (502 participants) described various techniques for excision of benign subungual tumours.



Majority of the studies used transungual approach, which allows maximum tumour exposure with risk of nail deformity post-operatively. Other approaches described include lateral subperiosteal, periungual, nailbed margin and fishmouth. Our series of patients were treated with excision using the transungual and periungual approach with good results.



The transungual approach is the most widely used technique for removal of subungual tumours. It provides excellent tumour exposure, however is associated with damage to the nail bed. Risk of nail dystrophy can be minimized by meticulous nailbed repair.